Zipang Port Co. is “to build a port sending Japanese people, goods and things to the world.” It is a matching platform that connects professional Japanese with overseas operations.
FiZiP stands for Find Zipang People. Meaning that overseas operations are searching for Japanese.
FiZiP Fine Zipang People

FiZiP’s three features

  • Wide range of Japanese professionals

    You can find professional Japanese in a wide range of positions, both outsourced and for hire!

    Wide range of Japanese professionals
  • One-stop support

    We provide one-stop support including document screening, interviews, local practical tests and visa applications etc for Japanese side.

    One-stop support
  • Reduced turnover

    We support your personnel once they’ve landed!

    Reduced turnover

What FiZiP can do for you

FiZiP can help overseas operations find professionals they want or to be dispatched.
Japan has a unique food culture,traditional arts and many others.
There are professionals in each of these fields. As well as engineers, designers and many of them are equipped with high technical and expressive skills.
You will receive applications from these professional if you launch a job vacancy here.

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Zipang Port Inc. brings Japanese talents, products and business to the world.

to conclude this is a company that provides the FiZiP and FiZiT matching platform services.
FiZiT matches BtoB.
FiZiP matches BtoC.