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Bringing Japanese products and business to the worldIf you want to import Japanese goods or start a  business in Japan, click here.

Bringing Japanese products and business to the world

If you want to import Japanese goods or start a business in Japan, click here.

FiZiP can find these Japanese professionals!

The Japanese are recognised by their seriousness, strong ethics and manual dexterity.
Many Japanese do not speak English and are not good at expressing or promoting themselves, but many are professionals in respective fields.
FiZiP is committed to finding and introducing world-class professionals.

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FiZiP can find these Japanese professionals!

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    Unable to find Japanese


    FiZiP can find these Japanese professionals!

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    Unable to find Japanese for
    short-term eg. events


    FiZiP can find both long-term & short-term working professional talents.

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    Japanese employed
    but not long-lasting


    The management company and local partners will follow up with you locally.

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Matching case(Employment)

  • Successfully ntroduced a top Japanese chef to a 5-star casino hotel in Macau.

    5-star IR Hotel in Macau

    Recruitment Results

    yakitori chef
    sushi chef
    ramen chef

    We successfully introduced two sushi chefs to a top-quality Japanese restaurant in a hotel. Following the successful result, we again successfully introduced two ramen chefs and a yakitori chef for a newly opened Japanese-style izakaya (Japanese-style pub) in the same hotel.

  • Sushi chef was introduced and hired by a company that operates many restaurants in Macau

    Fine Sushi Restaurant in Macau(鮨月)

    Recruitment Results

    sushi chef

    We received request from owner of many restaurants in Macau to introduce sushi chef to them. So we introduced the sushi chef who was later successfully hired.


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  • In the case of employment, 30% of the annual salary will be paid into the management company's account after an employment contract has been signed with the matched candidate. In the case of outsourcing, an advance payment is required before any work is undertaken.

  • Bank transfer.

  • No charge.

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